Suggestion recovery aset that mistake withdraw without unpair

I have one suggestion to add inside the lido protocol. If someone are withdraw a coin that pair on lido such as stETH, stSOL etc but accidentally or make a mistake forget to unpair it to ETH or SOL before withdraw to other wallet that do not support stETH . Lido should help to recover it back because the original coin (example:ETH) are still inside lido

Withdrawals are currently not available for stETH. For stSOL withdrawal process is pretty straightforward. Can you elaborate a bit more on the exact case?

21 /10 2022 i have sending my stETH from my ledger to other exchange but unfortunately i forget to unchange it to ETH . I loose it because of my forget change it before withdraw and the exchange also cant help me because it not support ERC-20. Very sad

To prove it you can see i send to this wallet address

Sadly that is not something we can help you at all.

You need to ask your wallet provider customer support to send it back or in case you have access to a wallet private key, import it in alternate solution that has access to all ERC20 tokens.