Badger style targeted airdrop

It was mentioned in telegram that proposals that could benefit the LIDO protocol could be posted here.

How about instead of either (i) farming, which will only bring in whales to dump on eventual bagholders with no interest in governance; or (ii) a simple DEX listing that will only bring you apes looking for a quick flip that are also not interested in governance, you instead do a BADGER style targeted airdrop to your ideal DAO participants (similar to what they did, you can select the relevant criteria for what would qualify someone for the airdrop based on their past actions - for instance noting the validator onboarding questionnaire, one factor could be past use of the ethereum test nets).

Although this is not as easy an option as simply adding some liquidity on a DEX or doing some farming incentive, this would likely create much more value for the protocol and bring in the DAO members that will be of most benefit.


They said there would be no airdrop.

I don’t support this proposal. Users who have no interest in Lido will dump their tokens and not want to govern the protocol.

I think the best way is to farm LDO using DeFi specific protocol tokens that Lido wants to integrate with (CRV, YFI, BOND, AAVE, etc). That way, users who want to govern Lido can do so while also being exposed to DeFi. It’s like a wager. If you are interested in Lido then you would be interested in DeFi. Your staked DeFi tokens may go down, but you do not mind the exposure.


I wasn’t referring to a general airdrop where you fill in a form on a telegram channel and receive some tokens to dump. I was referring to a very targeted airdrop based on factors you want from DAO members (participation in testnet, already staked on ETH2, holders of crETH, members of serious DAO organisations (Metacartel, LAO, etc), people that have participated in governance on other protocols, etc).

I think the Badger model proved that actually not everyone will just dump the tokens and it actually helped them get a lot of engagement from the community. Whereas farming (particularly single asset farming with nothing at stake on the underlying protocol being farmed) inevitably leads to massive amounts of dumping.

You could combine the targeted airdrop with a liquidity mining programme to great effect as well.

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My guess is that that kind of airdrop will not happen, I think it fits into the category. Though, yes, I am aware of Badger, and the targeted airdrop was much better than just filling out a form on Telegram then dumping it, so I agree. I like the idea of combining a liquidity mining program and a targeted airdrop, though. But again, I don’t think they will do such a thing. We’ll see!

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I agree with a targeted airdrop for early contributors, such as testnet participants and those who put their ETH on the line by staking early.

The Badger airdrop followed a huge response by the community and elevated the project from what I have been able to observe.

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