Expansion of Lido's Ethereum Oracle set

The New Oracle daemon in Shapella hardfork would require the data approx. for the past two weeks, so an archive node would be necessary to facilitate this. Furthermore being the key component for Lido protocol operation we would imply an additional requirement for it to be owned by the Oracle provider (cloud solutions are not an option).
Gathered different estimations Lido DAO operations team proposes to compensate an average estimated expense on maintaining archive nodes to Oracles of 18,000 DAI per month (9 Oracles x 2,000 DAI per month). It will be resourced out of remaining Development expense per Lido-1 budget during Mar and Apr 2023. For further periods this maintenance will be incorporated into Lido-2 budget, requested a little bit later.

We request Oracle operators to publish here wallets to be used for this compensation along with a link to signed message confirming the address.