Funds stolen from Ledger wallet through NFT scam... Can we vote on the DAO to freeze account/reallocate?

Hi! Yesterday I opened my ledger for first time since a long time. I was just looking through the transactions and was looking to unstake some things. While i was at it, I found out I was sent some NFT’s. I opened the link to redeem them, and had to enter my private key. I had to authorize for staking earlier though the process was a bit different but that was long time ago, so since it came from inside the Ledger live app I assumed it was ok, and that it comes from the staking/staked eth, not even thinking it was valuable or something but just following the intstructions. But no it wasn’t, my entire ledger has been robbed. I had about 44k (13 eth) staked and is now staked elsewhere. Can we freeze or do something against it?
If you need certain proof then let me know…

I have screenshots which i tried to embed but it says I cannot?

Same thing just happened to me…feel sick. Surely Lido need to take action here as it was very convincing.

Can his contract be frozen somehow? he is running a huge operation it seems:
Add this address in
0 xcf3BA5a31A376D01EbdcCad2b84Eb40D89EEdBA7 (remove space) in
metasleuth. io (remove space) to visually see the accounts he owns or controls

Did you file a police complaint with FBI? What scam site did they use for you? If we collaborate law enforcement will probably be more likely to do something

Lets collaborate to further the investigation… Can we send eachother private messages?