Lido DAO Contributors Delegate Multisig (Voteron)

Lido DAO Community,

I would like to inform you about a recent decision made by a group of Lido DAO Contributors. We have established a Voteron multisig for snapshot voting, which serves as a non-official delegate for contributors who are unable to vote due to various reasons, including lack of capacity, vacation, or simply want to delegate their voting power (VP) to a group of initiative contributors.

The Voteron multisig consists of six signers and uses a 2/6 scheme for voting. Two more signers would be added and the scheme would be changed to 3/8 till mid-June.

Voteron doesn’t accept non-contributors signers. We want to keep consistency and save alliance in values by only contributors signers.

Multisig address: 0x6D8D914205bB14104c0f95BfaDb4B1680EF60CCC

List of signers:

  • @Jenya_K - 0xF72152bf1bA59457e7aD0415B0d8dA7A6325801a
  • @zuzu_eeka - 0x004812da927b5DCd07e7329609eDD75E25d2d295
  • @GrStepanov - 0x8D0855047b59a5f11262f095ee724b5A59a89710
  • @rkolpakov - 0xc736b43db703f23c2DE3b87A614a7717e028a38a
  • @TheDZhon - 0x59F8D74Fe49d5ebEAc069E3baf07eB4b614BD5A7
  • @Mol_Eliza - 0x620bd63538bf10a87214b6187f5bc85926c2971f

Voteron signers will keep you informed of any updates on any changes to the list of signers on this topic. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.


Hey @Jenya_K, thanks for this initiative!
I believe it may prove to be convenient for those with scarce capacity.
Is anyone who has delegated their voting power to this multisig also able to override its decision in case do not agree on particular topic or have changed their minds?


That’s correct for most situations!
The delegation strategy of Lido DAO on Snapshot designed to allow delegators to vote on their own if they choose to. In such cases, the voting power will be subtracted from the delegate voting power, even if the delegate has already cast a vote.