Lido Support Feedback Request

We are reaching out to our customers to understand how to improve experience in staking with

It would be a 15-minute chat in Zoom and it would help us to make the staking process on better.

The conversation will be with our customer researcher, Mariya [email protected]

How it would be:

• This isn’t a sales call.

• There’ll be no trick questions.

• It takes just 15-minutes.

There are a few times available in Mariya’s calendar that you can book directly Calendly - Mariya Muzyko.

But if none of those work, feel free to reply with your availability to [email protected] and we’ll set something up.

Participants may or may not receive a small merch package from Lido…… :eyes::desert_island:


Nice to see Lido keep working on UX! Many awesome tools added over the recent months (my personal favorite is the rewards history page).
Have a q: who would you like to talk to? Like, DAO members, protocol contributors, partners and integrations reps, stakers, etc.?


Anyone who has experience in staking with Lido)
Our goal for this CustDev to understand how we could improve UX and why people choose Lido for staking even if it was just one time.


HI, is there a way to transfer tokens that were incorrectly sent to stETH contract address? I’m looking for help on LIDO staked ETH transfer I made.

I am not a tech guy but stETH contract is controlled by Lido Dao so most actions to the contract have to be voted via Aragon by LDO holders. Lido dev can’t do anything to the contract. The transfer-out have to be agreed by LDO holders if it is possible.

who can I raise this with to ask LDO holders to vote?