Node Operator Admission: blockscape

  • Organization name: blockscape
  • Organization website:
  • Organization Github: BlockscapeLab
  • Organization social channels: twitter: @BlockscapeLab
  • Organization location: Germany - Stuttgart
  • Organization size: 5
  • Brief description of organization: Throughout our journey in the world of blockchains, a variety of ideas and products have emerged. In our quest for perfection, we see it as our mission to make sure not to let great ideas fall through the cracks. As advocates for a decentralized future, we make sure to make the most out of our ideas and strive to contribute in any meaningful way possible.
  • Brief description of performance track record: Starting with Cosmos in early 2018 we have helped launch and maintain several blockchain projects
  • Overview of supported networks: Cosmos Mainnet Validator “blockscape”, Cosmwasm, E-Money, Bandprotocol, Kusama, Polkadot, Althea Peggy, Ethereum 2 Validator, Oasis, Desmos, Regen-network, Smartlands, Chainlink and a lot of testnets
  • Motivation for application: Lido enables the expansion of the target group and participants, bringing more liquidity to the market. This drives the technology forward and our mission is to enable better access and advancement of these technologies
  • Security set up for ETH staking:
  1. 24/7 support and monitoring
  2. High-speed business internet access
  3. Multi-region and multi-client infrastructure

Can add Blockscape did great in the testnet, except we don’t get to see how they perform long-term bc their nodes were turned off pretty fast after the active part of testnet ended.

I can confirm what Vasiliy said. Blockscape did great in testnet and even participated in the testnet dkg ceremony.

Thank you for your confirmation. We intend to add our vote to become a node operator tomorrow at 1pm (UTC+0). Hope we will get the necessary votes.

Edit 13. Jan 2021:
We’ll be keeping in touch with the DAO members for further discussion on adding another node operator to the set. We’d like to give everyone who has a say in this a chance to voice their opinion as we haven’t heard back from all operators yet. For now, we’re going to push back our registration until further notice.

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Hi @marcel, we have devised a new process related to the admission of node operators, please check it out here: Node Operator Sub Governance & New Node Operator Application Process

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