Partnership Offer

Hi everyone!
Nice to meet you.

I’m Alex, Business Developer from Blockster.

Blockster is the 1st crypto Social Network where crypto ads will be allowed (FB, Google, etc bans any type of crypto ads).
In all our social media we have more than 600k crypto enthusiasts and now looking for opportunities to make
cross-promo collaboration with strong crypto projects, new startups, etc.

  • I saw that Lido has a good audience and very strong positions on the CoinMarketCap and I would like to discuss with you the opportunity of making media announcements via our social media channels.
  • One more step is creating a business page for the free listing and advertising ads on the early-stage collaboration without any additional investments from your side.

We have already announced cooperation with such big names in the world of crypto as Zilliqa, ChainLink, and HackerNoon.

Let’s discuss?