Potential Improvements for LDO and Additional Fees for DAO: Tokemak

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I’m curious whether anyone has heard about this new project Tokemak, which seems to have a solution to improve liquidity across DeFi by “decentralizing market marking.” I was a bit suspicious at first but learned that the team behind Tokemak, Fractal, is one of the best-known market makers in our space, so it piqued my interest.

I’ve been reading up on it and listening to interviews (links below) about Tokemak the past week. It sounds like the platform will significantly improve the provision of liquidity to AMMs like Uniswap in the future. I’m glossing over many details though I think it merits a listen for us and, perhaps, some outreach to the Tokemak DAO from LDO supporters.

I’d be curious to hear what @vsh & @krasmussen think and whether Tokemak may be a way to solve or diminish any LDO liquidity issues. Also, it would be great to know if anyone has an idea on how connecting with Tokemak could help in diversifying our treasury.

website: https://www.tokemak.xyz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tokenreactor?s=21

Delphi Podcast Interview:


Long time Maker community member here, and stETH/LDO holder and forum lurker posting for the first time.

I’ve been following the same interview and such re Tokemak and while I’m still digging into it, if they are able to make the provision of native token liquidity a net positive/fee earning activity for DAOs, rather than a balance sheet hit, it’s something we should explore. I’ll be pushing the same over at Maker once I have my head wrapped around exactly what Tokemak may offer for us.


PS – Looking forward to opening an stETH Maker vault sooner rather than later. And if no one here is interested, I may submit a MIP to onboard LDO if I can find some free time.

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Reading through Tokemak materials, so far looks interesting


Thanks for the idea @Soze. I have reached out to the team to understand timing around their legacy MM and the automatic liquidity engine they are building. I have a feeling this is a few months out at least but beginning exploration and will update once I know a bit more!