STETH after Shanghai

Hi, am I correct to expect that post a successful Shanghai that I will not need to swap my stETH via Curve to get ETH back?

You’ll be able to redeem stETH for ETH directly through Lido, without needing to swap via a DEX. A DEX will still likely be used for users who want to essentially unstake immediately, without a queue.


Thanks for clarifying. Do you expect 1 stETH to equal 1ETH at redemption on Lido?

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Yes, through the exit queue 1 stETH = 1 ETH


That’s a notch more nuanced, so correct answer “in most scenarios barring really catastrophic ones 1 stETH = 1 ETH on withdrawal”. Would also note the timing for withdrawals — in proposed design those are processed during Oracle report, so ~ once a day; in some cases the fulfilment of the request may take longer. For full picture look into design doc: Withdrawals for Lido on Ethereum